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Savonneries bruxelloises since 1926

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Savonneries bruxelloises



The Savonneries Bruxelloises has been founded at the beginning of the 20th century, more specifically 1926. Its intention remained the same generation after generation: using the best ingredients and the most subtle of perfumes, to produce the best soaps in the world.

Today The Savonneries, located in the heart of Brussels in its original building, is in the hands of two friends who share the passion of soap-making. The soaps are still manufactured according to traditional methods.



The soapbars are made of opaque, translucent or synthetic soapbases. The Savonneries offers a selection of 90 fragrances and aromas, oils and colours in 200 shapes. More than 65% of their production reaches throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and North America.

Come and enjoy our selection of soaps: Ginger and Lime, Mango, Olive flower, Green Tea, Calendula in different sizes and weight. The ideal gift in its own authentic box.

Especially for Les Sagas, Savonneries Bruxelloises created a soapbar based on Aloe Vera scent, in Les Sagas’ brand colour ‘clear aqua green’.

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