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Maison Fabre since 1924

Master glover


Maison Fabre handmade 



The saga begins in Milau in 1924. Master glover Etienne Fabre establishes the gloves business in his own house. In 1928, the craftsman is specialized in making white goat leather gloves. Eighteen years later, his son Denis and his wife Rose join the family business. Extremely energetic and dynamic, Rose Fabre travels extensively in order to make the family business known all over the world. Using her vivid imagination and passion, Rose designs pieces for the Haute Couture houses, therefore reshaping glove making. In 2000, Olivier Fabre joins forces with his father and brother, starting to inject new ideas into the family business. His encounter with Polder gives life to the first collection signed by a designer. The “auto” gloves and their imposing wrist placed button in coconut or horn reinforce the strong image of Maison Fabre.

The Fabre family

Oliver Fabre and his grandmother



After selecting quality leather in the Millau tanneries, the senior cutter cuts the leather into narrow bands. The size of each pair of gloves is then marked with chalk on the suede and put on a mold for final cutting. Pieces are then ready to be put together. The process is either hand or machine made. The English stitching manner is used on the old stitching machines. The following step is placing the lining ( lining can be made out of silk, cashmere, or fur such as rabbit or mink) And the finishing touch - the secret of how to get the most even, smooth gloves, lies in the process of using the 'warm hands’ ironing technique. This consists in ‘ironing’ the glove from inside, without touching the exterior leather layer. 

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 Preparing the leather in the atelier of Maison Fabre in Millau

Preparing the letter for cutting


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