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Kazeto since 1926

Cardboard goods manufacturer


Kazeto cardboard suitcases



Kazeto , the traditional Czech cardboard and cardboard goods manufacturer, was found in 1926. For almost 90 years now, they have refined their art of using cardboard. Not only does Kazeto produces the cardboard, they make the finished goods as well. 

The Kellog brothers first used paperboard cartons to hold their flaked corn cereal, and later, when they began marketing it to the general public, a heat-sealed bag of wax paper was wrapped around the outside of the box and printed with their brand name.

Cardboard is drastically underestimated. It has a wide variety of practical uses, perhaps the most famous being the legendary East German Trabant car, where it was used as the chassis.


The most famous cardboard object of Kazeto is definitely the cardboard suitcase. Who hasn't seen that colorful little suitcase in grandmother's wardrobe? Or do you still have the little flowery box underneath your bed with your deepest child secrets safely stored? Kazeto's still use the same techniques and paper lining for their riveted suitcases that will bring back all your childhood memories.

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