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Farina since 1709


In 1709 Farina establishes what is today the world's oldest fragrance company. John Maria Farina names his fragrance Eau de Cologne in honor of the city of Cologne. In doing so he makes Cologne famous for its perfume in the 18th Century. The citizens of cologne honored the perfumer by placing a statue of him on the tower of the town hall.
Today the 8th generation of the Farina family still produces the original Eau de Cologne


The fragrance inspired a great deal of poets which is understandable on reading Farina’s description: “My fragrance is reminiscent of a spring morning after the rain: of oranges, lemons, grapefruit, bergamot and blossoms…” Voltaire, Mozart, Queen Victoria of England and many other royal courts, used his Eau de Cologne. Napoleon Bonaparte used to pour a bottle a day over his body, even kept a bottle in his boot!

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