About us



Saga, a tale in prose, Les Sagas a collection of tales through objects. As tales of lives and heroes are told and passed on for years, so are objects and knowhow, taught, learned and shared for generations.

On October 12th 2012 to be precise, stories of tradition, authenticity and savoir-faire blossomed in the heart of Brussels. A first milestone for Catharina Allaert and Ellen Verhasselt in the form of a boutique-atelier-meeting space named: Les Sagas.

 Catharina Allaert and Ellen Verhasselt, founders of Les Sagas

Objects made with passion, built out of noble, qualitative materials to cherish, that's what makes the difference” according to Catharina. Unique pieces, characterized by family tradition and age-old knowhow are carefully researched, linked and connected by the two friends in the historical Bortier Gallery.

Les Sagas is building a library of companies, each of them exposing their specific craftsmanship & characteristics. Objects appealing to the eye, beautiful in their own unique way, telling a story of tradition and hard work. Admirable examples to be cherished and shared before their stories risk to be forgotten.

A whiff of nostalgia spiced up with innovation, that is how you could best describe Les Sagas. A bridge between the traditions of craftsmanship and the ambitions of innovation, connecting age-old family memoirs and current chronicles ready to be written. But, above all, the collection of unique stories, of precious human emotions mixing and blending into a rare match of contemporary tales of the past. 

Today, Catharina took over the company, while Ellen helps young designers writing their own story. 

"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best." Orson Wells, the owner of this quote, was a very uncomplicated man equal to the way of Catharina. In her search for quality, in her ambitions to offer something of value, something slow in a fast moving world, Les Sagas is the perfect expression of a simple, yet rich taste.

Ideas, inspirations and stories are abundantly taking form at Les Sagas. A boutique, a concept, a story, a growing series of craftsmen, a group of loyal admirers and tomorrow hopefully you will join to contribute to a dream of beauty, emotions and stories coming together to blend, be shared and turn into Sagas. 

 Catharina Allaert, owner of Les Sagas